Below you will find a list of current civic engagement opportunities and information that can help you participate with local government in a timely way.


There are numerous paths for civic engagement:

  • Political participation through voting;
  • Volunteering with organizations that build community well-being or participating in community service projects;
  • Advocating for legislation and models;
  • Representing fellow citizens by appointment or election, such as on a city council or school board.

Values associated with fostering civic engagement include:

  • Trusting and respecting how a community wants to take action for itself;
  • Creating agency and power in people, particularly those most affected by an issue;
  • Nurturing or fostering healthier, stronger, happier places to live;
  • Engaging community members in a processes that affect them and their communities;
  • Promoting transparency and participation

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Current Public Input Opportunities

Strategic Plan Survey

The District of Saanich is completing a strategic update of its Official Community Plan (OCP). The OCP is the main document that guides growth and change in Saanich. The Strategic OCP Update focuses efforts on key elements that reflect recent trends and Council directions. The purpose of this survey is to collect input to support the development of new land use policy.


Resilient Saanich: Environmental Policy Framework:    State of Biodiversity Report & Urban Forest Strategy

Phase 2 – public input. A mapping initiative for residents to show natural areas and trees of significance and areas where environmental health are threatened.