Nathalie attributes her lifelong interest in nature and ecology to growing up on the slopes of Christmas Hill and picking blackberries under the giant Garry Oaks in the Lily St. field in Saanich.
Nathalie and her family live, farm and act as stewards of the 27 acre Madrona Farm, where they cultivate a variety of 106 agro-ecologically grown vegetables12 months a year and serving nearly 4000 customers.
Nathalie was inspired by the collective works of former District of Saanich Councils, the Saanich Greenbelt Association and former exemplary residents whose actions have led to our current parks and protected areas.
In 2010, when 3500 people in Saanich/CRD raised $2.7 million dollars to Protect Madrona Farm forever with the TLC of BC it proved to Nathalie without a doubt that when people work together they can move mountains. She believes that a small local committee of a municipality can change the world.


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A longtime Saanich Resident and former Saanich Green Belt Association (SGBA) member, fondly remembers arriving in Saanich and the Blenkinsop
Season Greetings Saanich residents thank you. I am so inspired by your continued stewardship in our parks and backyards; your
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