Claudia Copely Endorses Nathalie

Nathalie Chambers truly values our regional biodiversity and does more than just proclaim herself concerned about it: she is a genuine steward of nature. I have always admired Nathalie’s commitment to being a champion of sustainability and her efforts to achieve her goals through collaboration.
Nathalie’s efforts are authentic and tireless. She takes time to learn about issues and works hard to try to solve them. She stands strong for science and recognizes the importance of nature-based solutions, resiliency in the face of the climate crisis, and the need to consider future generations by taking a long view.
Saanich residents have been lucky to have had Nathalie as a voice for the voiceless at council and we desperately need to elect more municipal councillors that are true advocates for biodiversity. Nathalie is conscientious, kind, and considerate, and deserving of all our support.