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09/27/2020LETTER: Saanich councillor muzzledSaanich News

“Me Too” highlights the abuses to women are not only physical. Men suppressing a woman’s right to speak counts as well. Thanks to an astute
12/01/2019VBRA warns of Saanich of negative consequences if new DCC bylaw approvedSaanich News

On November 25, Saanich council unanimously passed a new bylaw to increase DCC’s, which have not been increased since 1997. Chambers stated that everybody paying

07/27/2019Head of Greater Victoria builders calls Saanich councillor ‘uninformed’Victoria News

The head of the association representing local builders said comments from a Saanich councillor are not helpful when it comes to relations between council and
03/23/2020LETTERS: Saanich council right to hold line on taxesVictoria News

At the March 23 meeting Saanich council approved a core budget for 2020 with six for and three against.
 Date Article TItle Media Source Description Link to the full article