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06/24/2020Saanich councillor accuses development community of undue influenceVictoria News

Coun. Nathalie Chambers calls herself “guardian of the taxpayer” in calling for DDC implentation. A Saanich councillor says “developers and lobby groups” are shaping policy
09/27/2020LETTER: Saanich councillor muzzledSaanich News

“Me Too” highlights the abuses to women are not only physical. Men suppressing a woman’s right to speak counts as well. Thanks to an astute
10/10/2020LETTER: Councillor wasn’t silencedSaanich News

Re: the letter Saanich councillor muzzled (Sept. 30 Saanich News). I listened and watched the entirety of the council meeting as they discussed the new
10/30/2020Saanich councillor encourages owners to be environmental stewards of their landTimes Colonist

A Saanich council member frustrated by the municipality’s inability to stop development of lands with Garry oak ecosystems is aiming to inspire landowners to be
06/09/2021Greater Victoria councillors visit Fairy Creek blockades, none were arrestedVictoria News

Elected officals were allowed to enter the exclusion zone, along with journalists.
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