We really appreciate your contribution in support of Nathalie’s re-election campaign for Saanich Council and CRD Director.

For us the easiest way to receive your contribution is on-line using your credit or debit card.   Your contribution will be processed by PayPal.   You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this system.  PayPal accepts most major credit cards and also accepts debit cards.    Our website is a secure website and the processing by PayPal is secure.   Your credit card information is not seen or stored by us, only PayPal.

If you prefer, it is possible to send a campaign contribution by mailing a cheque or by e-Transfer.

If you wish to send a cheque, it should be mailed to: Keith Cherry Financial Agent for Nathalie Chambers, care of 4317 Blenkinsop Road, Victoria BC, V8X 2C3.

Make the cheque payable to: Keith Cherry, Financial Agent for Nathalie Chambers.   Be sure to include a note of your full legal name and your full address in British Columbia.

If you wish to send funds by an e-Transfer use the following email address:    Please send a separate email to providing the Password for the e-Transfer, your full name and full address.

To Contribute on-line please use this form: