We really appreciate your contribution in support of Nathalie’s re-election campaign for Saanich Council and CRD Director.

For us the easiest way to receive your contribution is on-line using your credit or debit card.   Your contribution will be processed by PayPal.   You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this system.  PayPal accepts most major credit cards and also accepts debit cards.    Our website is a secure website and the processing by PayPal is secure.   Your credit card information is not seen or stored by us, only PayPal.

If you prefer, it is possible to send a campaign contribution by mailing a cheque or by e-Transfer.

If you wish to send a cheque, it should be mailed to: Keith Cherry Financial Agent for Nathalie Chambers, care of 4317 Blenkinsop Road, Victoria BC, V8X 2C3.

Make the cheque payable to: Keith Cherry, Financial Agent for Nathalie Chambers.   Be sure to include a note of your full legal name and your full address in British Columbia.

If you wish to send funds by an e-Transfer use the following email address:    Please send a separate email to providing the Password for the e-Transfer, your full name and full address.

In order to avoid any perception of conflict of interest it is my policy not to accept any donations from members of the development community.