Why I went into municipal politics – getting Saanich back on track

“The Spirit of Saanich” inspired me to enter municipal politics as a candidate for council.

What is “”The Spirit of Saanich”?

It’s community accomplishment. Environmental protection. Civic engagement. And political accountability from elected local government officials.

Before 2018, Saanich citizens and council achieved something truly important. They put in place very strong environmental protection for our community.

The Environmental Development Permit Area and protections entrenched in Local Area Plans enshrined the principles of sustainability and responsible development in the District of Saanich. These measures established a level of environmental protection that represented a significant community accomplishment.

Saanich citizens, working with local organizations and municipal committees, made robust environmental protection a reality through their enthusiastic civic engagement. Saanich Council worked with them and stood accountable to their demand for a healthy local environment.

This was the heart and soul of “The Spirit of Saanich”. I loved it. And when I was first elected to Saanich Council in 2018, I looked forward to following the path blazed by local residents and their elected representatives.

But much to my dismay, the Saanich Council elected four years ago abandoned that path and replaced it with an agenda undoing our environmental protection and prioritizing the interests of developers.

I’m seeking re-election in October, 2022, because I want to put Saanich back on track for the future.

Let’s honour the tradition of civic engagement that put us on the right path – with the goal of protecting our environment as the key to a healthy community.

Let’s restore “The Spirit of Saanich”.

On October 15, vote Nathalie Chambers for Saanich Council and the Capital Regional District.

Thank you.

One comment on “Why I went into municipal politics – getting Saanich back on track

  1. October 14, 2022 Catherine Penner

    Hello Nathalie,

    I fully support your commitment to restoring ‘The Spirit of Saanich’ and am very grateful for your work.

    Good luck on Election Day. Please know you have our vote.

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