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Seedlings for Saanich Seniors – June, 2020

I received this lovely note from Hanny Pennekoek:

“{When I look out of my breakfast nook window I see my little vegetable garden. It starts my day with a feeling of satisfaction and joy……

As one of the many seniors in Saanich i responded to the offer of free vegetable seedling. It is a collaborative initiative of the good food network in the Victoria capital region. Thanks to the action of Nathalie and David Chambers, an anonymous donor and Sol Kinnis of city edge farm, who grew the seedlings, I was invited to come and get a flat of seedlings for free. What an opportunity it worked out to be.

It so happened that a part of my garden which was overgrown with knee high weeds had been cleared and here was the offer of vegetable seedlings as a motivation for seniors to start a vegetable garden. I had not grown vegetables for years. With limited travelling because of covid-19, and being home more than usual, here was one of those moments of synchronicity. I felt excited.

As I went to pick up the seedlings I was actually offered two flats. I watched a video as part of the project and I went to work. It took me longer to prepare the soil than I has anticipated, but it got me in the mood. Putting the seedlings in the mixture of manure and soil was so much fun and it gave me a feeling of caring and connection with the baby plants.
I felt very thankful of the time and effort someone has given by growing the seedlings; it was a lovely gift and a great motivator.

Every morning as I look out, or when I walk into the garden it gives me such pleasure and satisfaction to see the healthy looking vegetables: sqash, zuchini, cucumber, kale, snap peas, lettuce, green unions, sunflowers and tomatoes.
To all those who made this happen my heartfelt thanks. I would not have done this without your help; indeed, I would not have a vegetable garden.

With warm appreciation,
Hanny Pannekoek”.

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