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Seasons Greetings to Saanich Residents

It is an honour to be your Councillor in the most culturally diverse municipality and marine-biological hotspot in Canada.


It has been 3 years of “Chambers in the Chambers” standing for people, planet and place over profit.  My sincere thanks to you, the residents of Saanich for your support, letters and kind words.


Although my motion to fast track the “voting dashboard” was unsuccessful during this term, I firmly uphold myself to the highest of standards through transparency, accountability and above all, your trust.


The foundation to which Saanich has been built upon focuses on civic engagement.  I have truly missed the discourse the public provides within the chamber walls and look forward to seeing as many of you again in 2022.


My objectives have centered on delivering the initiatives within the strategic plan.  I have worked on getting the best value for DCC’s[i], CAC’s[ii], a park acquisition fund and to strengthen the environmental policies.  Biodiversity is our insurance policy to address climate change.


Neighbourhood planning makes for happy neighbourhoods!  Residents tell me they respect community plans and the urban containment boundary.  Balance, not excess.  My voting record reflects this credo.  We must continue to support the exemplary stewardship from the past well into the future as 80% of Saanich is without adequate environmental protection.


I was also very excited to support the roadside veggie stands within the Urban Containment Boundary.  More needs to be done to encourage our residents to create their personal gardens to bolster food security.


Further highlight that I am very proud of this year:

  • The Cultural Diversity statement that came from my former Healthy Saanich Advisory Committee. As past Chair, this is now read after the territorial acknowledgement at meetings.
  • As Chair of the Arts, Culture and Heritage Advisory Committee
  • , we have recently published a colouring book on heritage houses in Saanich. The Saanich Heritage Colouring Book was a collaborative project between the Arts, Culture and Heritage Advisory Committee and the Saanich Heritage Foundation, with the assistance of Saanich Archives.  A special thank you to SHF Directors: Charlotte Clar, Veronica McEllister, Catherine MacKinnon, Sarah Anderson and Sonia Nicholson for their work on putting together the text and preparing the photographs.  Download a copy Here.  Saanich News story Here.


In closing, I send my best wishes of the holiday season to each of you and look forward to continue this journey of your behalf.


In the Spirit of Saanich

Nathalie Chambers

[i] Development Cost Charges

[ii] Community Amenity Contributions