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Seasons Greetings Saanich residents.

Season Greetings Saanich residents thank you.
I am so inspired by your continued stewardship in our parks and backyards; your guardianship of our roads, safety, good governance, affordable housing and our urban forests.

It has not been an easy time for many living in the region with Covid-19 and the provincial health- measures.

I have been grateful for the decorative lights that have lit up the night skies. I believe it has spread some much needed cheer and set a positive intention for a better 2021 for everyone.

It is an honour to be your councillor in the most culturally diverse municipality in the region where: We are committed to celebrating the rich diversity of people in our community; We are guided by the principle that embracing diversity enriches the lives of all people; and We all share the responsibility for creating an equitable and inclusive community for addressing discrimination. (this new cultural diversity statement that is now being read at every meeting- thanks committee members of HSAC).

Although the Technical Committee for creating the new biodiversity strategy replacement: Resilient Saanich, was wisely chosen and is commencing their work, it will be a “multi-year process” for replacing climate appropriate protections in sensitive ecosystems/trees during development (the EDPA was rescinded and removed without a replacement in 2017).

As a leader in climate logical land use and agriculture this has been a hard thing for me to accept especially when (we) council voted against the biodiversity framework when there was an existing development permit that could have been used and updated in terms of climate and biodiversity. As well the interim measures were voted against and this will now run into the next election.  

Not having an adequate biodiversity strategy in a HOUSING CRISIS, in a DECLARED CLIMATE  and ECOLOGICAL EMERGENCY is dangerous and irresponsible and has thrown Saanich’s legacy of exemplary environmental protection into question.

There is also much success to report recently, Electric Vehicle Strategy, a major Climate Action and the Housing Needs Reports will help to guide development and so much more. Thanks to the Federal government restart program we can apply some of the grant to our costs which releases our 2019 surplus set aside to help residents during the pandemic. I am excited that the council voted unanimously for Tree Mapping improvements. Saanich residents I will not give up protecting our parks, farmland and standing for people, planet and place over profit.

Your support is greatly appreciated, Season Greeting from Councillor Nathalie Chambers

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